Best and most trusted Free Web Hosting Service

Best and Most Trusted Free Web Hosting Service

Armed with free web hosting and domain names only, you can actually manage your website, you know! Unfortunately, not everyone can buy web hosting and domain subscriptions at a relatively high price. Especially for beginners. But don’t worry, there are plenty of top quality free web hosting services you should try. Is there something? Come see the reviews below!

Anyone who wants to create a website will want free web hosting. After all, no one likes to pay for something, even if you don’t know if your website will make a profit. So free service is the only solution, right? There is nothing wrong with using free web hosting for your site, and of course it has its own perks. However, there are restrictions.

This is a really great way to build an online presence without spending money in advance. However, using free web hosting can also have unpleasant consequences for your website.

Why Should You Choose Free Web Hosting?

In fact, it’s not difficult to create and maintain a website today. If you want the creation process to be much easier and look more professional, you only need web hosting and your domain name.

Unfortunately, some people are limited by fairly high-priced paid hosting services that range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per year.

Advantages and disadvantages of free web hosting

In fact, the only advantage of free web hosting is that you don’t have to spend a penny to use it. There are some drawbacks of free web hosting you should be aware of, for example:

  • Quality of service, also known as customer service, can be inadequate.
  • Downtime is relatively severe because the server is not reliable enough.
    Sometimes it displays annoying ads and you can’t set it yourself.
  • A website that the hosting owner can delete at any time without notice.
  • Transferring domains and data is difficult if you want to switch to another hosting.

Best free web hosting service


Some of you probably already know his name. Yes! Hostinger is certainly one of the most popular and best web hosting services. Interestingly, Hostinger offers a lifetime free web hosting package. This offer is undoubtedly very appealing to beginners who want to start creating websites. However, of course, this offer also fits into the various features offered. Not all features of this free plan are available.

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Hostinger features:

  • Storage 300MB
  • No free domain
  • No ads
  • Bandwidth 3 GB
  • Email No email account

Disadvantages of Hostinger:

  • There was no daily backup function
  • 24/7/ Help function is not available
  • No subdomain


Still a Hostinger product, Zyro is specially made for those with minimal coding skills. This website builder service allows you to quickly and practically build and run your website. You know, it’s just a drag and drop adjustment.

It is also very useful and works very well with support for many features that will make it easier for you to create your dream website.

Features of Zyro:

  • storage
  •  Free domain
  • Advertising
  • Bandwidth 3 GB
  • Email
  • Website Builder / Designer


  • Limited customization features
  • I have an ad
  • Not really free is 100% free forever, so you don’t have to worry about your website shutting down after a period of time. For free web hosting services, has a surprising number of features.

It offers 1GB of storage, 10GB of bandwidth, a free website builder, an automated WordPress installer that can get you started in minutes, and above all, two active sites, each with its own resources.

This free website builder is easy to use, easy to learn and comes with lots of templates to create professional and great websites. You don’t even have to learn the code. The only downside to is that some people report terrible downtime, but it’s free. You can’t expect to have your cake and eat it, right?

Personally, is provided by Hostinger, so the price is very cheap, so of course I prefer to get web hosting from them. However, if you don’t really want to spend a dime, is for you.

Wix is ​​one of the most popular web hosting companies, even among those who know nothing about web hosting. To be honest, Wix doesn’t offer much free features. However, the drawbacks in this regard are offset by ease of use.

When my friend first started trying to build a website, he quickly chose Wix to see what he could build in a limited amount of time without knowing the code. What he managed to create was impressive, professional and wonderful. All he needs to do is select a base from a list of great Wix templates and customize it according to his ideas using a drag-and-drop interface.

Infinity Free

Quite new compared to the other players on this list, InfinityFree has been able to make a huge impact on the industry by offering an almost unlimited set of features.

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The Softculous Script Installer makes WordPress installation much easier and gives you the freedom to use thousands of themes to create great looking websites. What really impressed me about Infinity Free, regardless of appearance, was the number of features offered without forcing ads to appear on the site.

With them, you can enjoy unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 10 free email accounts with 99.9% uptime (I noticed I didn’t say anything about the warranty). Did you say it’s all free without the need for ads?

X10 hosting

With over 10 years of customer service, x10 Hosting is one of the oldest and most popular free web hosting providers. Many of the benefits this web host provider offers are fast membership registration and high performance with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL and cPanel.

You can also enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth supported by a community of up to 750,000 members.


  • Storage 1 GB
  • Domains 2 additional domains, 1 parking domain, and 2 subdomains
  • No ads
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Email 3 free accounts
  • Website Builder / Designer: 150 Templates Via cPanel

Disadvantages of X10 Hosting:

  • Stable operating time cannot be guaranteed
  • Premium account requires package upgrade to $ 4


ByetHosting is one of the most stable and fastest of all other free hosting services.

This is due to some premium services added to the free plan. This also makes ByetHosting preferred by top free web hosting seeker. And as an iFastNet affiliate with 10 years of experience, you no longer have to question quality.

Hosting function:

  • Storage Unlimited
  • Domains Unlimited additional domains, parking domains, and subdomains
  • No ads
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Email 5 free accounts
  • Website Builder / Designer: WordPress, Joomla Automatic Installer with Free Template Option

Disadvantages of ByetHosting:

  • We do not guarantee 100% uptime
  • Access to the Q & A forum is restricted for 24 hours


Free web hosting services have their advantages and I won’t lie. This is great for anyone who has just started a website for business and is trying to build one. Let’s face it. No one likes free gifts. But not all good things are free, and not all free things are good. Even in this case, some of the free web hosting services listed here are actually pretty good. After all, I’d like to say that free web hosting services have limitations that can include unwanted ads, slow features, slow server speeds, and forced domain names. It means that there is. Great for trials, but if you’re serious about using your website, the free service isn’t enough.